Joker continues to make box office successes, confirming itself as a recorded movie for the month of October on the US film market.

Joker is confirmed as the new film to beat in terms of launch receipts in October, at least as far as the US film market is concerned.

There are 93.5 million dollars at the box office for the Joker launch weekend, based on what was reported by Comicbook, on data that are not yet definitive, though. However, this is a much more than adequate figure to exceed the previously established record for October by Venom, which had collected 80 million dollars last year on its first weekend.

On the other hand, a record start monthly it was already seen in the first day of launch with 39.8 million dollars, moreover representing also records with regard to the director Todd Philips and the protagonist Joaquin Phoenix, who had never achieved similar results while working on films that proved successful.

Meanwhile, Joker has received conflicting judgments from the critics , which has been somewhat polarized between very positive and other decidedly negative evaluations, in a rather predictable way considering the controversial subject and above all the particular vision on this, which has led to a very different cut from what one might expect from a film based on a historical character from DC Comics.

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