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In these days that coincide with the release of IDEA, several prestigious birthdays are celebrated, that is, of celebrities. It begins today, Thursday, with the 64 years of Simon Le Bon, English star of the new wave and frontman of the beloved (especially in the 80s) Duran Duran. In the international field, we also point out the 77 years of the Brazilian politician Lula, while in Italy the former showgirl Federica Panicucci blows out 55 candles and the actress Margaret Mazzantini in turn 61. Tomorrow, Friday, another round of wishes, first of all for Bill Gates, the American businessman who founded the Microsoft empire. For him the goal is that of 67 years. Meanwhile, the star of Julia Roberts shines, an always very active and much loved actress who turns 55 and obviously celebrates them at the cinema in “Ticket to Paradise”, her latest film with George Clooney. We close with the birthday of the singer Eros Ramazzotti, an “always young” who arrives at the 59-year-old cake.

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