Julia Roberts jokes about new film with George Clooney: “It will probably be terrible!”

After a nearly 20-year hiatus from romantic comedies, Julia Roberts she returned to acting in the genre for which she is best known around the world in the film Ticket to Paradise, alongside friend George Clooney. Interviewed by Variety at the Cannes Film Festival, Roberts joked about the quality of Ol Parker’s film.

“It’s got too much potential to be great. I think it’s so funny, so like George and I and George together, it’s probably going to be terrible because there’s too much potential for it to be great, it’s going to implode on itself. It should be the publicity for the movie ‘It’s probably going to be awful.’ I’m so glad my publicist is on a plane right now!” Roberts said.

Filming on Ticket to Paradise had been halted in January due to COVID and resumed later. The film tells the story of a couple of parents (Clooney and Roberts), who try to prevent their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from marrying someone you just met.
George Clooney and Julia Roberts have acted together several times in the past, in films such as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Eleven and Money Monster.

However Ticket to Paradise, due out this fall, will be theirs first romantic comedy. But why has Julia Roberts avoided romantic comedies for twenty years?
The actress told it a few weeks ago in an interview about her next film; during her career she starred in many rom-coms known as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and Runaway Bride.

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