Julia Roberts: Martin Luther King paid for the hospital when I was born

As CNN reports, the actress, who turned 55 on October 28, explained that the political activist covered the hospital costs of her birth: “It helped my family get out of a difficult situation”

Julia Roberts has revealed that Martin Luther King paid his hospital bill the day he was born, a year before the civil rights leader was assassinated, as his family couldn’t afford it. To report the news is the CNN that quotes a tweet from Zara Rahimformer strategic adviser to Barack Obama, which contains an excerpt from an interview in which the Hollywood star recounts what happened after his birth.

The connection with the King family

Roberts, who turned 55 on Oct. 28, said Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta Scott, one day called her parents, who had a theater school called Actors and Writers in Atlanta, to ask if their children they could enter it “as they had difficulty finding a place that would accept them”. Roberts’ mother agreed immediately and a friendship with Mr and Mrs King was born ever since. So when Julia was born on October 28, 1967, the leader paid the hospital bill. “They helped us out of a difficult situation,” said the Oscar winner for the film Erin Brockovich.

The interview and tweet of the daughter of Martin Luther King JR

It all stems from an interview that Julia Roberts gave to Gayle King in September for the programme HISTORYTalks by History Channel. Just on the birthday of the Hollywood star, Zara Rahim shared the video on Twitter, which in a short time went viral. Three days later, the youngest daughter of Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scotti, Bernice King, also he posted on Twitter the video in which Julia Roberts tells the story and wrote: “I know the story well, but it is touching for me to remember the generosity and influence of my parents.”

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