Jumping can go back to TVP. Kurski has a plan. “Not such laws passed”

“Polish Television – as all fans know – has lost the right to broadcast the World Cup competition in skijumping this year. This winter they will be available only on TVN. This is a severe blow for TVP and I am not surprised that Woronicza is being heard in a relationship with this grinding of teeth. Jacek Kurski published a statement full of indignation, urged the competition to remember. But it did not make a great impression on TVN bosses “- Juliusz Braun begins his text in” Rzeczpospolita “.

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“If the law of power interferes, you can change the law”

Braun is a member of the National Media Council. In the text for “Rzeczpospolita”, he writes that the loss of jumps is a problem for TVP not only in terms of image, but also financial. And for PiS, the ruling party, also a political problem. “So what if TVN legally acquired the rights to broadcast jumps and operates in accordance with the law. If the law of power interferes, the law can be changed” – writes Braun and informs that Kurski and the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Maciej Łopiński, are demanding this change of law.

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Braun writes that changing the law will be extremely difficult, but … “after all, not such bills passed through the Sejm very expressly.” And there are two main arguments for jumping back to TVP (not counting “concern” for the viewer’s interest, of course). One of them is that TVN broadcasts on digital terrestrial television in the SD system, and TVP – in HD, which means that it offers a picture of a slightly better quality. “The limited possibilities of TVN (only in terrestrial television, which is used by one third of Polish viewers) are not the fault of the broadcaster, but they result from decisions imposed by the regulator” – notes Braun.

The second argument is to be differences in scope. Slight, because the multiplex on which TVN is located has a coverage of “only” about 96 percent, and the coverage of the TVP multiplex is “as much as” 98 percent. “It is not a big difference, especially as the measurements are not very precise. Almost no one would notice it, but for Jacek Kurski it is a sufficient argument to scare the dissatisfaction that – in his opinion – the lack of ski jumping on TVP will cause in society. In fact, this is just a pretext for another battle in the war between PiS and TVN, “concludes Braun.

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Ski jumping has almost disappeared from TVP

Recall: in October, the Discovery group announced that it was taking over ski jumping virtually on its own. After many years, the World Cup almost disappears from the channels of Polish Television. The public broadcaster will only show Polish competitions – from Wisła and Zakopane, as well as the ski flying world championships in Vikersund, to which Discovery has no rights. The rest, i.e. practically the entire 2021/22 season, which started last weekend, will be seen by fans only on open TVN, in Eurosport and on player.pl.

“This is an unprecedented situation, because Telewizja Polska has been broadcasting ski jumping for several decades, building the popularity of the discipline, recognizing players and increasing the exposure of sponsors. Polish Television has received signals that our partners from the Polish Ski Association were also concerned about this situation, “we read in the TVP statement, which ended with the words:” We count on reflection, return of common sense, rejection of political intentions and cooperation as in event of the next Olympic Games in Beijing “

Discovery, which has been sharing jumps with TVP for many years, is not required to sell a sub-license to show the World Cup. The Broadcasting Act clearly states that the most important sporting events for Polish fans, including the World Cup in jumping, must be shown on free-to-air television. And TVN meets these requirements. The Discovery Group is clearly betting on this all the time and is openly communicating about it that the only generally accessible station showing ski jumping in Poland is TVN.

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