Jumping today. Dawid Kubacki without promotion to the second series of the competition in Nizhny Tagil

Dawid Kubacki did not manage to advance to the second series of the Sunday World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil. The 31-year-old scored 113.5 meters in his test, but it was not enough to add more points to his achievements in the general classification of the World Cup.

– Sometimes emotions come up. I thought the jump was fine, but you had to hit everything. The conditions were to be better, mostly not to blow. Again, the wind was spinning a bit and in these lottery conditions I did not draw the best results. It is possible that there were additional mistakes during this jump, but I will find out everything when the coach comes down to us. It seemed to me that this jump was stable in the air, it only pulled to the ground – explained Dawid Kubacki in an interview with Eurosport.

Just like during the Saturday tournament, the jumpers had to fight a very strong wind, which made it difficult for them to work on the facility in Nizhny Tagil. Kubacki, who waited a long time for a signal from Michał Doleżal, found out about it.

– You would like to think that it is too good and the coach does not want to let me go, taking care of my safety. This time, however, it was not so. I sat on the starting beam for a long time and thought that I would be forced to go down. However, I was given the green light and it was necessary to deal with these conditions as best as possible. However, I did not manage to the end – regretted the Polish representative.

The first two World Cup tournaments did not go well for the Polish team. The inauguration of the season is always a kind of lottery. As Kubacki admits, it will be a useful lesson for our jumpers.

– We should look for the advantages in the technical side of jumping. I think each of us was aware that this weekend it could be different in terms of weather conditions. Sometimes it can happen that a good jump is not enough for a place in the “30”. The most important thing now is to focus on those elements that need improvement. It is certainly not a tragedy and we are still fighting – added Dawid Kubacki in front of the Eurosport cameras.

Source: Eurosport

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