Jurrasic World: Evolution 2 – review and opinion about the game [PC, PS4, PS5, XSX, XONE]

Having faced velociraptors in the evening sessions at Dino Crisis, I did not think there would ever be an opportunity to participate in a simulation of being a Jurassic park manager. Already three years ago, we received a ticket to manage such a place thanks to Frontier Developments. A not-so-modest review awaits you Jurrassic World: Evolution 2. Contrary to appearances, this is more than a conservative sequel. The devil is stuck in the details.

Time of feeding and farming

Jurrasic World: Evolution 2 - review and opinion about the game.  Tyrannosaurs

The reviewed game greets us with the traditional entrance of the Universal logo, which suggests the creators’ loyalty to the film library. The whole thing, however, is not based on a generational hit by Spielberg, but, following the pattern from the title, a series of films that started in 2015. Jurrassic World turned out to be quite a tolerable picture, although it was not without a few absurd situations. The director explained certain events with the concept of modifying genetics. Interestingly, we also have this option here. Selectable in Jurassic World Evolution 2 we have four game modes, the best experience of which is the Sandbox option. For those unfamiliar with the topic of creating dinobusiness from scratch, we recommend the story campaign mode. By itself, it does not make the game generally attractive, as it is presented in the form of a very conservative narrative.

From time to time, we receive radio messages about what to do in a given mission. These will always be based on the same pattern, so we create a rapid reaction center, send rangers to catch all the specimens in the wild. The story throws the player right after the events of Jurrassic World: Lost Kingdom, so fans will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of voices known from the movie. With one not-so-small exception. There is no vocal cord for Chris Pratt, which for movie lovers may turn out to be a bit of a misfire, especially since the actor lends his voice to Garfield’s characters but does not appear in his much better known role. Licensing or financial issues, it is not known. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is tasked with capturing all the marauding dinosaurs for study and safety purposes.

For the player, the start of the story campaign mode in Jurassic World Evolution 2 it will be a tutorial lasting several hours for the actual gameplay, i.e. building your own Jurassic park. Our task will be to track the reptiles from the helicopter, then quickly send a quick reaction force to deal with the problem. Everything is presented in an isometric but free form. Models can be viewed from each side on the map. All species of dinosaurs have been reproduced with prehistoric accuracy, although still far from ideal. Nevertheless, T-Rex’s roar sounds almost cinematic, just like the animations. A few hours of storyline will introduce us to the general mechanics of the game. In the background, we will often hear the voice of Jeff Goldblum himself. Unfortunately, technically, apart from the authenticity of the dinosaurs, it is quite bad, especially on the models of the previous generation of consoles. Of course, let’s bear in mind that in games built on creating structures along the map, this is not a priority, but efficient camera operation, without unnecessary cuts, is rather advisable. Unfortunately it happens here. At the time of writing today’s review, the developers will publish another patch in the next few days. We will complete five story missions in one evening. Fortunately, this is only an introduction to a real park.

Shift manager for Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurrasic World: Evolution 2 - review and opinion about the game.  Park management

Unlike its predecessor, the Sandbox mode is available from the very beginning, without having to complete the game. We get access to one of nine maps, unfortunately predefined. There is no question of any randomness or chance here. Their design always looks identical, with variable details. Then we get a field for building facilities and start working as a manager of the future business. The creators listened to the opinions of players and improved many elements related to logistics and management. What would our park be without its residents? We have been given nearly 70 species of creatures. Observation turns out to be the key to effectiveness. Graphic designers, animators and programmers Jurassic World Evolution 2 they put in a lot of work, which can be seen on every square meter.

This game is primarily about dinosaurs and these have been given priority. Two types of scenery were taken care of – the one suitable for Jurrasic Park and, respectively, World. It seems to be a small thing, but it makes you happy, but it does not affect anything other than aesthetics. Where to get dinosaurs for visiting guests? We have two ways to do this. The first is extracting the genome from fossils. For this purpose, we are sending an archaeological expedition around the world. The second is to catch a representative of a given species in the wild. Here we proceed as in the story campaign assumptions. Regardless of the method of obtaining a new charge, it is necessary to prepare a run for him, assess the conditions in which he is staying and what can be provided. We repeat this action every time and observe.

Funny economy

Jurrasic World: Evolution 2 - review and opinion about the game.  Economy

It is important to place the right species in relation to each other, especially those more tolerant to other dinosaurs. Thanks to the genetic modification option, we will reduce aggression even in the most aggressive individuals. I have often had a situation where predators attacked each other. In addition, we employ a behavior monitoring team, while in laboratories we take care of appropriate conditions for scientists. We must watch the dinosaurs so that they do not run away behind the fence. Good treatment and conditions are also associated with the concept of observation. Otherwise, the dinosaurs will attack the cruise car or our staff. The park is created quickly and comfortably, contrary to appearances. However, I was wondering where the challenge or the obstacle was in all of this. Creators Jurrassic World: Evolution 2 they came quickly with a reply. Every now and then we are hit by cataclysms that wreak havoc, throwing out everything around us.

For us, this is more unnecessary work, so I consider this unbalanced difficulty balance to be the simplest form of making life difficult for a player. We derive profits thanks to the presence of guests. The more tickets we sell, the better. The main attractions are in Jurrassic World: Evolution 2 dinosaurs, so let’s take care of trips to the catwalk, galleries and as many individual customers as possible. The construction of many toilets, hotels or terraces is a necessary standardization. The economy is ridiculously cheap here, Frontier Developments plan to build one facility for a total of $ 500. It won’t be cheaper. The entire economy of the game is quite limited by genre standards. Everything is glued together to admire the dinosaurs. If we get bored with painstaking management, the game offers a curiosity in the form of Chaos Theory.

We will get an illusory influence on the events of the storyline of the five films of the universe. For those who like “guessing”, it will be a real treat to see a different angle of the action, saving someone doomed to death at the hands of film predators. A kind of little thing, but it makes me happy. Reviewed Jurrasic World: Evolution 2 is a title better than before. The developer listened to the opinions of the players and added a few improvements. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to keep up with the top of the genre. For dessert, we get a challenge mode, in which we demonstrate the skills of legal management by building a park in the shortest possible time. In a word, there is a lot to do in this game. The problem is, the genre itself offers more. Frontier Developments has to go out to sea next time.

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