Justin Bieber regrets repeal of abortion rights in the US and surprises fans: “Very sad”

Last Friday, the 24th, the United States Supreme Court revoked the right to abortion in the country, leaving the understanding of the ban on the understanding of each state. The law was constitutional since 1973 after a historic decision.

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Justin Bieber, who recently has been narrating his new spiritual and Christian phase, was one of the artists who took a stand against the decision to ban abortion.

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Many fans of the artist were surprised by his perception, since, normally, Christians are not in favor of the practice. Some of beliebers, even criticized the singer.

As soon as he learned of the Supreme Court’s veto, Bieber wrote on his Instagram: “Abortions prohibited before guns? Very sad”.

Then he added: “For what it’s worth, I think women should have a choice of what to do with their own bodies.”

Avowedly Christian, the star has taken reflections to his speeches for the Justice Worl Tour and asked fans for more tolerance, respect and love for others. In addition, Bieber has included gospel music in his latest work with worship and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ, whom he claims saved him from his dark phase.

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