Justin Bieber Reveals All His Love for the Cartoon Luca!

On social networks, Justin Bieber revealed his love for the new original Disney + creation, “Luca”.

Justin Bieber loved the Disney + movie, LucaThe latter did not hesitate to make a post on Instagram to encourage his fans to view it.


In order to prepare for the summer, Disney + unveiled its latest film, Luca, on June 18. This animated film, aimed at children and adults alike, was very well received.

The feature film follows the adventures of two young sea monsters in a village on the Italian coast. In this coastal city, the creatures are very frowned upon by humans.

On the program: sun, ice cream, Vespas and breathtaking landscapes. The Disney + film was therefore developed in partnership with Pixar studios.

And if there is one celebrity who loved the film, it’s Justin Bieber. Hailey Baldwin’s husband did not hesitate to say what he thought about it on his Instagram account.

To do this, the latter shared a post on his social networks. On said post, he, therefore, shared the poster for the film Luca, adding a comment.

“Don’t hesitate to look at Luca. My friend Jacob Tremblay lends his voice to the main character. It’s my favorite movie of the year, ” he wrote. Just that.

As a reminder, Jacob Tremblay is none other than the actor who played Justin Bieber when he was a teenager in the Lonely clip. The latter has since become a real phenomenon.


The film Luca has therefore been a hit on the Disney + platform since its release. It must therefore be said that history has something to please young and old alike.

Little Luca, therefore, grew up in a loving home in southern Italy. What his family does not know is that the young man is hiding an important secret.

Indeed, the little boy and his best friend are therefore in fact sea creatures. Both come from a very different underwater world.

He and his friend Alberto are therefore actually sea monsters. They take on the appearance of humans. Only when they live on dry land.

The film thus hides several moralities and this is the reason why Justin Bieber liked the feature film. Recall that the young man has several brothers and sisters.

Very close to them, Justin Bieber therefore surely took advantage of a family evening to watch the film. And he is surely not the only one to have had this idea.

The singer’s post has been liked over 1 million times. In just a few hours. Many fans of the artist have watched the Disney feature film.

If you didn’t know, the movie was supposed to hit theaters a few months ago. But, Coronavirus obliges, Disney, therefore, preferred that the film be released on its online platform.

Justin Bieber, like millions of other people around the world, we’re able to discover Luca from their living room sofa. After all why not?

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