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Justyna Steczkowska on Instagram

Justyna Steczkowska is an active user of social media and is constantly in touch with her followers. She presents them with fresh musical projects, as well as moments from private, everyday life. It is also known that he likes to experiment.

– I still try to discover new spaces, combine genres, surprise myself. I want to develop. I’m not afraid to take a step forward to see what’s around the corner – even when it’s at risk – she said in a conversation with the Pleiades.

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Justyna Steczkowska as Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie

Recently, the singer surprised her fans. On Instagram, she published videos in which she played the role of Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie. Justyna Steczkowska used for this purpose a recently popular application that swaps faces.

– Me in the version of Marilyn Monroe is a failure. Its grace is inimitable. She was divine! But I am still closer to the black angel, although the soul is clear. Angelina is beautiful, I spoiled her beauty with “an admixture of my face”, but it did not take her talent away – she wrote on Instagram.

There were a lot of opinions from the delighted observers in the comments. Most of them admitted that Justyna did not perform well in the role of Marilyn, but as Angelina in “The Sorcerer” she was perfect. They wrote:

  • Angelina Steczkowska bomb
  • Wow, Angelina’s version is great. As for Marilyn … I personally prefer you
  • You have SOMETHING in your beauty, something pugnacious and beautiful. Both beautiful versions, but the fact – Marlin Monroe is impossible to imitate
  • I would argue … But a perfect witch

And how do you rate the incarnations of Justyna Steczkowska?

Justyna Steczkowska poses underwater. Watch the video:

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