Juve, Bremer: ‘Inter? Maybe I was close to another Italian team. Pogba has already given me a nickname, the defense at 3 … ‘| First page

Gleison Bremer is ready for his Serie A debut with Juventus and, after yesterday’s presentation press conference, he gave a long interview to Dazn.

WHAT HIT HIM MOST – “That we have so many machines and so many people who follow me. Does it give me pressure? No, but you are always in someone’s hands, there is something to do, with someone watching you”.

INTER – “You journalists have talked more than this. I have talked to many clubs, maybe I have approached another Italian team but it hasn’t changed much. I knew I was going away, but not where. I’m at Juve and I’m here “.

WITH CHIELLINI – “He told me not to let myself be influenced. A strong player can play 3, 4, even 1 (laughs, ed). From a national perspective it will be important, there they play 4 behind. If he told me that I will be the Heir? No, he didn’t tell me that. He talked to me and told me I’m strong: if I can do half of what I did at Juve … he made history, if I get close, that’s fine. ”

CHANGE OF STEP – “What does Allegri ask me? To adapt to the system, they are different games. There are more readings, more to be careful. It is not man against man, you work more on tactics. Playing 3? The calendar is long, it can be three every now and then. And from left arm? Yes, I can play. I’ve always played third on the left, it won’t be a problem. ”

VLAHOVIC – “Did I cancel him? No, we joked again. We played two important games. You can see him in training, he’s strong, he’s a good striker and he’ll score a lot of goals with us.

POGBA – “Nickname? Yes, I have it! He calls me ‘General’! Good boy, always happy. You need it on the team to win.”

TURIN – “How has it changed? There are areas where I have never been before, I am more than a hill and I pass through the Continassa, I cut through the whole city. Every now and then I put on the navigator, so I don’t get lost”

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