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The investigation into Juventus reactivates sports justice, in fact in the next few hours the FIGC prosecutor will ask for the papers to that of the Republic of Turin. Which claims to have unmasked the false accounts of the Juventus club, which would have used the crisis due to Covid as an excuse to hide pre-pandemic financial problems. Altering the balance sheets, first through fictitious capital gains (21 in three years for 115 million euros) and then with two “maneuvers” on the salaries of the players. Who would have had to give up 4 months’ salary with a collective agreement stipulated in 2020, but in reality they would have given up just one month’s salary with the promise of repayment in the following years.

CASE CR7 – According to the documents seized, for prosecutors they would have been tight with 16 players different pacts from those deposited in Lega Serie A. Including the agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo, the “card that must remain secret”, but which has been reconstructed by investigators: a pact that alone was worth almost 20 million euros. If it were ascertained that Juve recognized the Portuguese striker as an incentive to “hidden” exodus, the question would become explosive.

RISKS – A contract not deposited in the League can lead to serious penalties: a fine, which can be added to the penalty of one or more points in the standings (and the player involved would also risk a disqualification).
Also, always according to the newspaper The Republicthe prosecutors contest the production of false invoices for non-existent transactions: payments from agents (including companies such as Reset Group by Davide Lippi, the Luca Ariatti Sport managementthe Galli Giuseppe and the GG11 Srl) with mandates that were used to cover past debts, to pay off the purchases of players who did not foresee their mediation.

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