Juventus, a new test for Chiesa. Lecce or PSG, Allegri currency

TURIN – A double cutting for Federico Church: after the one passed last Saturday, against a selection of Under 17 and 19 bianconeri, in which he scored a shotgun in the 45 minutes on the pitch, Massimiliano yesterday Merry and Federico Cherubsreturning from Lisbon, they went to the Vinovo sports center to assist to training ofexternal Juventus together with the boys of the Next Gen. They wanted to see the i progress and evaluate the possibility of calling the Church for the transfer to Lecce.

Juve, between frenzy and caution for the Church

I’m almost ten months that the Juventus winger is out of the game due to the rupture of the left cruciate ligament, it is understandable the bitterness of not having been able to help his teammates in this troubled start to the season, as it is easy to imagine his eagerness to want to resume playing, all the more after being re-aggregated to the team in training at the Continue. The path of recovery is going well, Church is acquiring the athletic condition and, at this point, all that remains is to wait for the return of the former viola in an official match. However, the watchword at Juventus is cautionespecially against the wing protagonist despite himself of a bad injury and a long one Calvary, with a stop higher than expected. And if at first one could think of his call for the bench already against Empoli, the caution thus making the return slip. But now it is a question of days: if it is not Saturday in Lecce, we will probably see him again for the first time with the number 7 shirt – inherited from Vlahovic this summer – in the Champions League against Psg, in the challenge that will establish whether Juventus will console itself at least with the Europa League, or in the derby of Italy against Inter. They would be two perfect stages for a return in style for the Juventus winger considered the parterre de roi on the pitch, but Chiesa looks more at the practical aspect, putting the horrible year behind him and lending a hand to the team since Dusan Vlahovic he can’t wait to have him on the pitch and take advantage of his crosses, as happened at Fiorentina.

The gradual return of the Church: excerpts from the competition

The contraindications from Lecce instead they are the same ones they recommended Merry to leave Chiesa and Pogba (even if the Frenchman is more behind in status) in Turin during the trip to Lisbon: it is better to continue and intensify the work at home, rather than participate in a trip and waste precious time. But given that the signs that emerged from the friendly and from the training sessions have been encouraging, it is also possible that Allegri decides that it’s time for the Church. Definitely the technician Juventus will sip his employment on the pitch, granting him at the beginning only pieces of the match in order to avoid a too traumatic impact with the game: with the injury he had, he cannot resume at an immediately high pace and intensity, more graduality is needed to understand also how the knee reacts. Merry will be able to count on a Church at full capacity only in the new year, at the resumption of the season after the World break, when part of the games (such as the exclusion of the Champions) have already been completed. But others remain, such as the run-up to qualification in the Champions League next year: having a talent like the former viola will certainly be an incentive for the rest of the team as well.

Champions Juve: Chiesa also trains, not Pogba

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Champions Juve: Chiesa also trains, not Pogba

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