Juventus: Serious consequences of transfer ambiguities? CODACONS threatens to relegate and take away the championship titles!

Juventus FC has been under investigation for irregularities in certain transfer market transactions. CODACONS President Marco Donzelli has announced that, if found guilty, he will apply for the demotion of the “Old Lady” and the withdrawal of the championship.

Clubs from all over Europe tend to use various accounting tricks that allow for smoother transfers for larger sums. Loans with the option or obligation to buy or exchange players are already on the agenda, but new methods mean potential problems. Juventus is now finding out about it, as it has been accused of frauds aimed at bringing more profits from the transactions made.

Three years ago, similar actions were already accused of Inter Milan and AC Milan, but then it did not have any consequences for the giants of Milan. This may not be the case with Juventus, as the Turin prosecutor’s office has decided to investigate and take a closer look at the case.

In connection with the allegations, the club issued an official statement in which it assures that it will cooperate with the relevant authorities to resolve the matter as soon as possible. At the same time, “Bianconeri” ensured that they acted in accordance with the law and accounting principles applicable to football markets on an international scale.

The Italian organization dealing with the protection of consumer rights, operating at the Italian Olympic Committee, CODACONS, has doubts. Its president, Marco Donzelli, spoke to TuttoMercatoWeb and declared that he would personally seek serious penalties against the “Old Lady” if proven guilty.

“The accusations are very serious and cast a shadow over recent seasons, especially since Juventus has clearly dominated the league in those years,” Donzelli explains.

– If it turns out that Juventus has unlawfully gained an advantage over its rivals using this type of transaction, the sporting competition aspect in recent seasons would be skewed, and consequently the football federation and the authorities regulating the competition on the market will have to intervene and apply appropriate sanctions.

– Individuals are responsible for this state of affairs, but the penalty would not avoid the entire club. We want to be honest with thousands of fans and we will present our position, requesting the prosecution to relegate Juventus to Serie B and withdraw the championship titles won in the seasons under investigation.

Juventus was relegated to a penalty in 2006 as a result of the Calciopoli scandal. The “Bianconerim” also received two championship titles. The club fell into a crisis for a few years, and when it was overcome, Turin dominated the domestic backyard for several years. In the meantime, the club’s lawyers were appealing and further investigations revealed that the Calciopoli trial was highly biased. “Juve” applied for compensation, but subsequent instances considered that the case was time-barred.

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