Kamil Glik at the exit from Benevento. The problem is high earnings and weaker form

  • Everything indicates that Kamil Glik’s adventure with Benevento is coming to an end. In recent weeks, the defensive pillar of the Polish national team has lost its place in the basic squad of the team from Stadio Ciro Vigorito, and the club is suffering from its high salary
  • In the fall round of Serie B, Glik made 11 appearances, but saw two red cards. After ruthlessly treating one of his rivals during the match against Frosinone, he was even punished with three games of disqualification
  • Udinese Calcio recently expressed an interest in Glik. Now there was talk of Monza and Parma, but Italian journalists predict that none of the Italian clubs will be able to meet his financial requirements
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Kamil Glik certainly did not imagine his return to the Apennine Peninsula. The pillar of the Polish representation was to be the support of Benevento Calcio, who last season, after promotion to Serie A, made a big mess on the transfer market and it seemed that it should stay in the Italian elite for longer. All the indications indicated that the activists from Stadio Ciro Vigorito drew conclusions from the 2017/2018 season, when the newcomer with a bang left the Serie A ranks, recording a shameful streak of defeats. Only in the 15th round, the team from Benevento managed to win the first historical point at the Serie A level.

Despite the many interesting names in the line-up, history repeated itself, and after the disastrous return round, the team led by Filippo Inzaghi once again had to swallow the bitterness of the relegation. In the summer break, however, there was no cadre revolution, and both Kamil Glik and several other players with a recognized reputation on the Apennine Peninsula decided to stay in Benevento and try to return to the highest league level.

The team currently led by Fabio Caserta is fifth in Serie B after 17 matches, just three points behind Brescia Calcio’s immediate promotion position. An important figure in the “Czarownic” team was to be Kamil Glik, who, through his vast international experience, was to lead the team’s defensive line.

In the fall round, the 33-year-old made 11 league appearances, but at the end of the round it became loud about his behavior against Frosinone, after which he was fired from the field with a red card and was additionally penalized with three games of disqualification. The performance of the Polish defender from Frosinone lasted only 24 minutes. At 0-0, the defender treated the opponent ruthlessly after the referee’s whistle, for which he was sent back to the dressing room. His team was unable to cope with the game of weakening and lost as much as 1: 4. It was the second red card that the Pole saw in the autumn round in the back of the Italian top league. Earlier he was fired from the field already in the 19th minute in the match against Como.

Worse, on his return to the field, Glik fell out of favor with coach Fabio Caserty and lost his place in the starting line-up to Alessandro Vogliacco. In recent weeks it has been increasingly loud in Italy that his days with the Campania team are numbered.

– Glik is still at the coach’s disposal for the next game against Monza. Nevertheless, the real problem is his earnings, which exceed the club’s capabilities. We are talking about the amount of EUR 2.5 million for each season. These are funds that the club can use for another player. The problem is not only earnings, but also his disposition, which is much below expectations. He was often inattentive in defense, and on top of that he caught red cards recklessly. The main problem, however, is money – says Fabio Tarallo from the regional Anteprima24.it website in an interview with Onet Sport.

In the summer transfer window, in the context of the Polish stopwatch, there was talk of the interest in Udinese Calcio. However, the club from the Friuli region was also not able to live up to the financial expectations of the 33-year-old and the talks stalled. There was also speculation in the Italian media about his possible move to Monza or Parma.

Udinese was one of the clubs most interested, but it was all about the player’s earnings. His expectations were too high. Besides, I think that with such a salary it will be difficult for him to stay in Serie A – adds Fabio Tarallo.

Italian journalists have no doubts that Glik will be forced to leave the Italian league and look for employment in another league. There are no specific directions yet, but his departure from Benevento is inevitable and it is only a matter of time.

– Kamil’s age and the amount that he expects could convince several clubs in Qatar. If he decides to make a significant reduction, perhaps he could return to Poland – Tarallo predicts in an interview with Onet Sport. – The club definitely needs a good offer, but his adventure with Benevento is undoubtedly coming to an end. If not now, then at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the club from Benevento does not hide that it would like to return to the Italian elite as soon as possible. A significant part of the players from the previous season remained in the team, and the team is to be strengthened by, among others Diego Farias from Cagliari.

– In recent years, the team has convinced and attracted, among others, Glik, Ionita, Lapadula, and now he is close to dragging Farias from Cagliari. They are very important players for the reality of Serie B, but we have to wait for the situation to develop and the end of the transfer window to know the future of Lapadula – adds Fabio Tarallo in an interview with Onet Sport.

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