Kamil Stoch is the best Pole again. Stefan Kraft has flown away

Stefan Kraft was by far the best in the second training before qualifying for the World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil. Kamil Stoch was in the top ten.


Kamil Stoch

Press materials / COS / Paweł Skraba / In the photo: Kamil Stoch

Stefan Kraft was the only one who crossed the 130-meter mark in the second training. He jumped exactly 132.5 meters and nearly five points overtook Cene Prevca (126 m). Naoki Nakamura (125 meters) was third.

The conditions on the hill were demanding again – which was not dealt with by e.g. Stefan Hula, but also Ryoyu Kobayashi, or Daniel Andre Tande, who was at the forefront of the first training series.

Kamil Stoch was the best Pole again. He finished ninth after his 112-meter jump in almost no wind conditions. Half a meter closer, Dawid Kubacki landed and took 15th place. 21st was Jakub Wolny (114 meters). The others did much worse – Klemens Murańka achieved 105 meters, Piotr Żyła 102 meters, Andrzej Stękała 101 meters, and Stefan Hula only 77.5 meters.

The first training session was dominated by the Norwegians – three were in the first three places. The fourth place was taken by Kamil Stoch, who, in a way, saved the honor of Poles in this session.

The qualifying session started at 4:30 pm.

Results of the second training session in Nizhny Tagil:

Place Player Country Distance Points
1. Stefan Kraft Austria 132.5 65.9
2. Cene Prevc Slovenia 126.0 61
3. Naoki Nakamura Japan 125.0 58.4
4. Daniel Tschofenig Austria 123.5 58.3
5. Daniel Huber Austria 119.0 58
6. Lovro Kos Slovenia 123.5 56.5
7. Markus Schiffner Austria 125.0 55.1
8. Vladimir Zografski Bulgaria 124.0 52.7
9. Kamil Stoch Poland 112.0 50.3
10. Jan Hoerl Austria 124.0 50.1
15. Dawid Kubacki Poland 111.5 47.9
21. Jakub Wolny Poland 114.0 43.7
37. Klemens Murańka Poland 105.0 32.1
42. Piotr Żyła Poland 102.0 27.3
52. Andrzej Stękała Poland 101.0 18.6
70. Stefan Hula Poland 77.5 0

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