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Kanye West quit current partner Irin Shayk. Moments later he appeared in the company of another woman. He will meet Kim Kardashian. There are many indications that Kanye will return to his wife and children.

Photo: Shutterstock Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together again

Media partings

Parting in show business pairs of once loving people they can be particularly stormy. They finally take place in front of the media… and paparazzi. Even if the stars took great care of their privacy, they could not protect themselves from the ubiquitous eye of the fan’s phone camera.

In Kim’s arms

Returns after breaking up seem to be equally interesting. And Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to be following this action. The most interesting thing is e Kanye West will return to his ex-sweetheartbut basically still his wife.

A fleeting romance

Kardashian and West decided a while ago that they had to split up. It didn’t take long to hear news of new celebrity relationships. It turned out to be faster Kanye, who started dating Irin Shayk. These meetings did not result in a serious new relationship in the artist’s life.

Buried in work

Kanye is currently working on a new album, she probably cannot engage in nurturing the relationship at the level expected by her would-be new partner. The album “Donda” turned out to be more important. The rapper’s new relationship is not as popular as his marriage with Kim or the second love of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Kanye seems to be saying that this relationship has never been serious.

Date with Kim

Shortly after breaking up with Irin, Kanye West would meet none other than Kim Kardashian himself. The musician will meet his wife at one of Malibu’s restaurants. The “date” took place in a quite nice atmosphere. Is the next big comeback really getting ready?

Marriage and family

West will come to love his longtime friend Kim Kardashian in 2014. May Four children of North and Saint (born by Kim) and Chicago and Psalm (born by surrogates). Even after they broke up, they took care of their children together.

Time will show, is it just a friendship, a marketing gimmick, or maybe a real love will survive everything?

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