Kanye West initiated a meeting with Irina Shayk. He wrote to her, and she? Her reaction says it all

When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce and decided to end her relationship with Kanye West, the rapper did not remain in her debt. Some time ago, the news of his new romance with Irina Shayk broke, which for many was quite a surprise. Now it has become apparent how the Russian woman reacted when she received the first message from him.

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Kanye West initiated a meeting with Irina Shayk. Her reaction says it all

Irina and Kayne have known each other for a long time. They are both very active in the fashion world. A few years ago, West entered this world with great confidence as the creator of his original line, and shoes signed with his name became a hit all over the world. Shayk is one of the most sought-after models to go to the shows of the best fashion houses. Moreover, the couple has already had the opportunity to work together. A few years ago, Irina appeared in West’s music video for the song “Power”.

As it turns out, after the official announcement of divorce from Kim Kardashian, West decided to move on. Western websites report that the rapper sent a message to Irina and initiated a date.

Irina was delighted when Kanye contacted her, asking for a meeting. She is excited, she was ready to move on and find someone, says HollywoodLife informant.

Let us remind you that not so long ago, on West’s birthday, the couple were caught during a romantic walk on the premises of the luxurious Villa La Coste hotel in Provence, France.

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It looks like they are both ready to start all over again. Irina has a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper, while Kanye will soon seal her divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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