Kanye West Natalie Portman anti-Semitism: “It must be fought”

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Kanye West, Natalie Portman speaks out against the rapper and says she is concerned about the new wave of anti-Semitism.

Kanye West, Natalie Portman against the rapper and rampant anti-Semitism: “It makes my heart cry”

Natalie Portman’s political activism is nothing new, as she is one of the most politically engaged women in Hollywood. Inevitable, therefore, that the actress of Jewish origin – recently seen in the Marvel blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder – took the floor against the positions expressed by Kanye Westwhich cost the rapper a ban from Twitter.

Kanye West: here’s what Natalie Portman said against the rapper and about the growing spread of anti-Semitism

In a post released through her official Instagram account, the actress made famous by the thriller Leon and from his appearance in the prequel trilogy of the saga of Star Warsexpressed his pain at the return of similar positions, calling on people to remain united against similar forms of racism and anti-Semitism.

“Seeing anti-Semitism reemerge makes my heart cry. This hatred must be fought with a love without barriers and boundaries towards those around us. Today I send all the love I can to my fellow Jews, and to all who stand by us against such words and deeds. It was painful and terrifying to hear certain things, e I am extremely grateful to those who continue to speak out with us against anti-Semitism and against all forms of racism“.

Kanye West, new attack on Elon Musk: “A genetic hybrid created in the laboratory”

In what he must have seen as payback after his Twitter ban, Kanye West has launched a new attack on Elon Musk. In a bizarre Instagram post, the rapper called out Musk “a hybrid” between “a Chinese genius and a South African supermodel”implying that the founder of SpaceX is the result of a series of laboratory experiments. In the post, as if that weren’t enough, West made similar considerations in this regard of former US president, Barack Obama.

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