Kanye West pleads for Kim Kardashian’s return? Surprising words of the rapper during the performance

Earlier this year, the media reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were divorcing after six years of marriage. Now the rapper describes their life together in the songs that will be on his latest album. In one of the singles, he suggests that Kim still loves him.

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Kanye West pleads for Kim Kardashian’s return? Surprising words of the rapper during the performance

Two weeks ago there was a concert promoting the latest Kanye West album – “Donda”. This name refers to the name of the rapper’s deceased mother with whom he was extremely associated. The songs are to tell about the last several months in the rapper’s life, including his nervous breakdowns, as well as the end of the relationship with Kim Kardashian. While performing one of the songs, Kanye collapsed on the stage and repeated in tears that he was losing his family. In turn, in the song “Welcome to my life” he compares life with his former partner to a prison.

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Foreign media are reporting new revelations about the musician. Apparently, this time he rapped a bit more favorably about his ex-partner, who again auditioned for his album. Kanye in the new song was to suggest that Kim is still in love with him.

Time and space is a luxury, but you came here to show that you still love me, he rapped, looking in her direction.

Interestingly, Kanye described the relationship as “the best collaboration since Taco Bell and KFC” and was to remind him of Kim coming to him and sang him serenades. He also added that he was trying to do the right thing with the freedom that the celebrity had given him.

Foreign portals also pay attention to the costumes in which Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appeared. They both wore black, body-hugging styling. During the first listening session, both the rapper and the celebrity chose red. Do you think they will come together again?

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