Karem Bürsin: 10 things you don’t know about the actor


Turkish actor Karem Bursin today he is a particularly loved and popular star in Italy and internationally. The credit goes to some television series in which the actor starred and where he was able to prove his charm and his talent. Also active in the humanitarian field, with numerous charitable activities supported by him, Bursin has increasingly established himself as a noteworthy personality.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Karem Bürsin.

Karem Bürsin: his films and TV series

1. He is known for some TV series. To have made the actor an international star were in particular series such as Waiting for the Sun (2013-2014), Matter of Respect (2014-2015) and Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek (2017). She then played notable roles in too Immortals (2018), Netflix series, Muhtesem Ikili (2018-2019) and Aynen Aynen (2019-2021). In 2020 he was instead chosen to interpret the architect Serkan Bolat in Love is in the airTurkish series which makes it particularly popular in Italy.

2. He has also worked for the cinema. In addition to the many television projects for which he is mainly known, the actor has also had the opportunity to act in films for the cinema such as Thursday (2006), Sharktopus (2010), Palace of the Damned (2013) e Whisper if I forget (2014). In recent years she has instead taken part in Can Feda (2018), Good Game (2018) e Eflatun (2021).

3. He is also a producer. In addition to having worked as an actor, Bürsin has also dedicated himself to production in recent years. For the cinema, he has filled that role for the films Kelebeklerdirected by Tolga Karaçelik (2018), e Seçim, directed by Bahri Baykal (2022). For television, he instead produced the series Immortals (2018).


Karem Bürsin is on Instagram and Twitter

4. Has an official account. The actor is naturally present on the social network Instagram, with a verified profile currently followed by 10.9 million people. To date, he has published just 172 posts on this platform, all relating to his activities as an actor or model. In fact, you can find several images relating to moments spent on the set but also promotional photos of his projects. By following him you can therefore stay updated on his activities.

5. He is also on Twitter. In addition to Instagram, the actor is also present on the social network Twitter, where he has an official profile certified by the known blue check. Here, followed by over 800,000 people, Burstin usually shares news relating to his projects but also dedicates himself to answering questions and curiosities from his fans. Also in this case, by following him on this platform, you will be able to stay updated on his activities.

Karem Bürsin and girlfriend Hande Erçel

6. He met his girlfriend on set. As the title of the series in which he is currently starring states, love is indeed in the air. The set of Love is in the air has in fact allowed the actor to play alongside Hande Erçel, with their characters romantically committed to each other. For a long time, fans have hoped that a feeling would arise between the two actors and after some rumors about it, the two finally confirmed their relationship with some photos on Instagram released in April 2021.

7. They split up. In recent months, however, the two actors had hinted that their relationship was over, breaking the hearts of their many fans. The two did not give reasons for it, but recently leaked photos online of Bürsin holding hands with the Spanish actress Stephanie Cayo have led to think that the latter may have been the reason for the breakup. The two were then paparazzi several times during the summer, but no official communication came from those directly involved.


8. There seems to be a backfire. In recent weeks, to the delight of their fans, there seems to be a flashback between Bürsin and Erçel. The two have in fact been spotted together around Istanbul and this has led to think that a rapprochement between them is underway. Currently, even for this news, there are still no official confirmations, so we will have to wait and see what the future implications will be.

Karem Bürsin to Verissimo

9. He was a guest on the well-known show. In September 2021 the actor was a guest on the Canale 5 program very true. During the interview, he was able to talk about both his work activities and his sentimental sphere. In particular, Bürsin focused precisely on telling of his relationship with Erçel and on how he intends to live love. The full interview is easily found on the official channels of the program.

Karem Bürsin: age and height of the actor

10. Karem Bürsin was born in Istanbul on 4 June 1987. The actor is 1.80 meters tall overall.

Source: IMDb, Instagram

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