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Karol G and Alicia Keys share a special moment on stage

Karol G surprised fans in Bogota, Colombia on May 11 by taking the stage to perform with Alicia Keys, who was giving a concert at the Movistar Arena. After Goyo’s opening set, Keys took the stage and was later joined by the “Mana Sera Bonito” singer for a duet of “No One”. It was to the delight of the fans that both the actors joined forces. Watch his special performance below:

a poem by shakira

Shakira released a new single, “Acrostico”, a powerful open letter to her children Milan and Sasha. A song is a poetic composition composed of the initial syllables of the verses, sequentially, to form words.

Released just in time for Mother’s Day, Shakira uses her iconic sultry voice to express raw and vulnerable emotion in this simple piano ballad, which expresses a mother’s deep and pure love for her children . “Acrostic” talks about how a mother can transform her pain into strength through the love of her children, and how a child’s caress can elevate the soul. More info about the song here.

New milestone in Gayle’s career

For the first time in his career, Gayle sang the United States national anthem this week at the Formula One Miami Grand Prix in front of a crowd of nearly 300,000. “I feel like I can do anything after this,” he said on his Twitter account. Instagram. “I sang the national anthem at the @f1 race. What a dream and what an honor! Thank you for the love. I will never forget this moment. From Puerto Rico to the whole world”. Powerful performance of rising Puerto Rican artist broadcast live on television 140 in over 100 countries. Gayle documented the exciting highlights of her career on social media. Watch it below:

Gibson Gives Back to Cuba

Gibson Gives has donated 52 guitars, as well as strings, picks, and other musical instruments, to benefit students of Cuba’s National School of the Arts, where access to musical materials is limited. He added, “At Gibson Gives, we have increased our global growth over the past year, reaching corners of the world we never thought possible to reach.” dandy jarrettsaid the CEO of Gibson Gives in a press release. “After two years of talks, we are excited to bring essential music and instruments to young people in music and arts schools for the first time who have limited supplies. Cuban music and composition has a rich musical history and global influence. We are delighted to do our part to ensure that this tradition continues to flourish with the next generation.Gibson partnered with Derek Walker (Gibson Gives Goodwill Ambassador) who personally delivered instruments and equipment Gibson is expected to donate 100 more Epiphone guitars to the school in the coming months.

Billboard Latin Women in Music Opening Gala

Billboard’s inaugural Latina Women in Music Gala is over. Shakira, Thalía, Ana Gabriel, Aveluna Montaner, Goyo, Emilia and Maria Becerra were among the first to be honored in Miami last Saturday (May 6). From epic performances to passionate and passionate speeches, read about the highlights of that special night here.

with latin women in music, bill board And Telemundo aims to further elevate Latin music globally and celebrate women who have made a tangible impact on Latin music through their artistic achievements, or tangible and notable works, resulting in recognition and recognition for women. Opportunities abound, accomplished in the form of achieving positive change in the industry.

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