Katy Perry cries during show; Know the reason!

Katy Perry continues to be successful with his residency “Play” in Las Vegas, presenting playful, fun and hit-filled shows. The singer usually presents a super positive energy, but like anyone, it’s not always the best day and emotions end up showing.

In a recent show, singer did not hold back the tears and cried while singing the cover “Greatest Love Of All“, in Whitney Houston, where she lets out her voice. The moment turned out to be touching, but the reason for the tears was unclear.

Katy Perry cries during show;  Know the reason!
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Fans who were at the show claim that she almost canceled her performance because she wasn’t feeling well. In the end, she did her best and sang to a packed audience. It seems like it was a moment of overcoming, doesn’t it?

June 8th is now Katy Perry Day in Las Vegas!

Winning the key to the city of Las Vegas and having your own day on the municipal calendar is not for everyone and that’s it. Katy Perry you can mark it as complete in your achievements list, since June 8th has now been instituted as Katy Perry Day.

Katy Perry Las Vegas Key to the City
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Currently with a resident show in Las Vegas, titled “Play”, which began in December 2021, the singer officially received the key to the city in an official ceremony attended by city executives and local government representatives.

By accepting the honor, which also makes June 8th official as the Katy Perry’s Day in Las Vegas, she even talked about her love for the city and how important it is to her.

Therefore, Katy and Britney Spears are the only women in music to have the key to the city of Las Vegas and a special day for them on the municipal calendar.: Britney celebrates her date on the 5th of November.

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