Keira Knightley in a Chanel costume [ELLE Spy]

This is one of the best styling of the stars of recent days! See the look of Keira Knightley when she visited Buckingham Palace.

You can love it or be “allergic” to it. She is an extremely characteristic actress. During Christmas, we invariably return to “Love Actually” with her participation, although she herself admits that she saw the film only once. I am talking about Keira Knightley, whose contribution to the dramatic arts and charity work was recently appreciated by the Queen of England herself. You couldn’t get a better Christmas present from a British monarch than an Order of the British Empire. This was the “gift” the actress received. For this special occasion, the ambassador of the Chanel brand, Madmoiselle Knightley, chose a costume from last year’s collection. The pencil skirt and the pudding-colored fitted jacket looked not only from a show by Karl Lagerfeld, but simply from Gabrielle Chanel’s own closet. The creation was complemented by a charming hat made of the same material. The actress knows that details count, so she opted for a shimmering pink belt, delicate nude heels and a white shirt with a tie at the neck. Keira Knightley looked great, although it must be admitted that her styling was basically an exact representation of what we could admire on the catwalk. Maybe it’s not a lack of creativity after all, but proof that correcting anything after Chanel would be sheer madness.

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