Keira Knightley talks about stripped scenes. The actress uses a double

Knightley admits that one of the main factors that influenced her decision was how her body changed after two pregnancies. The actress has two daughters, four-year-old Edie and Delilah, who was born last year. Knightley previously appeared in stripped-down scenes, incl. in “Księżna” (2008). She said of these experiences: “I always felt comfortable when I was younger. I never did anything that made me feel bad.” She also added: “I’m happy with my body. It did an amazing thing. But I don’t want to stand in front of the whole film crew …”.

The actress confessed that she chose not to act in stripped scenes anymore. Instead, he uses a double. Knightley said choosing the right actress to replace her is very specific. “It’s a bit like saying to yourself: it looks like me, but a bit better” – she added, noting that in the end she decides whether the resulting editing satisfies her.

Knightley admitted another concern. The actress realizes that specific sequences can be cut out of movies and placed on pornographic sites. The thought of it makes him uncomfortable performing in scenes like this.

Source: “Harper’s Bazaar”

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