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Kelly Rowan was born in Ottawa, Canada, on October 26, 1965. She enrolls in university, but decides to leave university studies to pursue her dream of becoming a great actress one day. She studied acting at the British American Drama Academy in England and at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York before moving to Los Angeles to seek some fortune. She gets many roles, on both the small and the big screen. Everyone knows her, however, above all for having taken part in the successful TV series The OC in the role of Kirsten Cohen.

Kelly Rowan’s early work

During the university years young Kelly Rowan begins a work as a model right for earn some money. He also acts in some commercials. Appears in many television series, such as The Outer Limits, growing pains, Da Vinci’s Inquest, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Dallas. Also performs in television movie Adriftwhich allows her to obtain in 1993 a Gemini. She later stars in Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years and Boomtown. It is in 2003 that it arrives though the turning point for herin fact wins the audition to be part of the series The OC.

kelly rowan's early work

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Kelly Rowan in The O.C

We must admit that it is above all the younger characters in the series who are the most successful, played by names such as Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Samaire Armstrong. In fact, they become real idols for the generations of the time. Also adult characters, however, are much loved by the general public at home, just like the role assumed by Kelly Rowan.

In the telefilm that aired during the 2000s, Kelly Rowan plays Kirsten Cohen, Seth’s mom. It’s a complex role, a woman in fact alcoholic but who chooses to change for his own good but above all for the good of his family, a value that of the family which Kirsten really believes in. She’s a career woman, who earns much more than her husband, with a beautiful house and an impeccable reputation. She’s a elegant, sophisticated womanwhich she finally decides together with her husband to foster Ryan, the real protagonist of the show along with the other teenagers of Orange County. Thanks to this role Kelly Rowan manages to win the winning a Prism Award.

Kelly Rowan stated that The OC it was a fantastic experienceespecially since at the beginning of filming no one imagined that the series happened could have had. Kelly also stated that the shooting was a lot of fun. She also admitted she was happy to have represented on the small screen such an important problem as alcohol abuse. It is a problem that in fact often goes unnoticed and on which it was possible in this way sensitize a very large number of people.

other works by kelly rowan

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Kelly Rowan’s other works

Between Kelly Rowan film we remember Don’t open that gate, Hook – Captain Hook, Candyman II – Hell in the mirror. Kelly Rowan in Candyman plays Annie Tarrant, one of the most important characters in the film. Then recite in assassins, 187 homicide code, Dangerous marriage, Threesome date and The tulips of love. In 2021 she also takes part in the cast of TV series perception. The series focuses on figure of Dr. Daniel Pierce, a talented neuroscientist, but schizophrenic and very eccentric. The FBI is turning to Dr. Daniel Pierce for some consultationsso that it can help in the most difficult cases to solve. Alongside Dr. Daniel Pierce we find Special Agent Kate Moretti, her assistant Max Lewicki and Natalie Vincent, played by Kelly Rowan. natalie is theimaginary friend of Dr. Daniel Pierce who thanks to hallucinations and perceptions is able to help him understand how to solve cases.

Kelly Rowan also started one career as a producer for the small screenespecially for some Canadian television programs. As she herself admitted, it is impossible to think of being able to act forever. At some point an actor has to go looking for a different role, like the production.

Private life of Kelly Rowan

Kelly Rowan and David Thomsona Canadian multi-millionaire, got engaged in June 2007. Kelly becomes pregnant, but the two they decide to leave before their baby is born. There baby was born in April 2008. Kelly Rowan seems to be single today. Apparently becoming a mother it has changed the way Kelly experiences her work a lot. At one time she had a very full schedule indeed, whereas today try to ensure that his work commitments are not excessive. In fact, she wants to be as present as possible in her daughter’s life.

We don’t know much else about her private life because Kelly is onevery private woman which has managed in recent years to keep the work and private life in two distinct spheres. Kelly Rowan doesn’t even have an official Instagram profilea rather difficult choice nowadays which however allows her to prevent personal facts from reaching all the newspapers.

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