Kendall Jenner for the first time about addiction!

The 25-year-old supermodel was very direct about her problems. It will probably come as no shock to anyone that Kendall, who comes from a family who made a fortune by showing her life wherever she can, practically never lets her phone slip. In an interview, she admitted that she is not proud of this fact, but the problem is quite common. Unfortunately, this addiction has much more serious consequences for her than for the average social media user.

said “Vogue” Jenner.

The model also talked about the anxiety states she has been struggling with since her early childhood. Many of them have been very severe, and Jenner still has panic attacks that make her want to call an ambulance. Much of this is due to what Jenner finds about herself on the internet.

– says sister Kim Kardashian sadly.

The frequent and severe panic attacks that the model experiences have had strong physical aspects for several years, which has resulted in severe hypochondria in her.

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