Kendall Jenner is in trouble. An Italian fashion house demands nearly two million dollars from her. She has already responded to the allegations

The Italian brand Liu Jo accused Kendall Jenner of breaching the terms of the contract. She was supposed to attend two sessions, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they could not be completed on time. The model was reportedly not responding to requests to set another date. Now the company is demanding nearly two million dollars in compensation from her.

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Kendall Jenner sued by the Liu Jo brand

Liu Jo’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Kendall Jenner in a New York district court on Monday. The letter stated that they agreed with her in 2019 that the model would participate in two photo shoots for which they paid $ 1.35 million. Jenner showed up only on one, and the other could not be completed within the prescribed deadline, scheduled for March 2020. She was recalled by a model due to the coronavirus pandemic. The parties therefore agreed that they would postpone it until the fall.

Liu Jo officials say they wanted to schedule a second photo shoot multiple times, but received no response from Jenner. The payment was also not refunded. So they decided to sue the model and are now demanding $ 1.8 million in damages.

A spokesman for The Society Management, representing Kendall Jenner, to the E! The news sent the model’s position on this.

This lawsuit is unfounded. Management, on behalf of Ms Kendall Jenner, consistently offered Liu Jo alternative dates and locations to meet the terms of a contract that had to be changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the report reads.

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Who do you believe?

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