Kendall Jenner spoke honestly about her anxiety states: “Sometimes I think I’m dying”

The star spoke on an important issue of mental health. She went back to the times of her youth, when she first noticed anxiety states in herself and described that she sometimes found it hard to breathe, felt that her heart was failing and she needed the help of doctors.

Mental health is still a stereotyped topic that we talk too little about in our society. You can still hear the advice that jogging will help with depression. Well, it won’t help. The best help will be provided by a good specialist or specialist. So don’t hesitate, just seek help as soon as possible. Just as we care about other aspects of health, we should and should also take care of our psyche, approach our condition holistically.

The topic of mental health has recently taken up as well Kendall Jenner. The star decided to participate in a special series of video calls Open Mindedwhich is produced by the American Vogue. As part of the project, the 25-year-old star talks to experts and mental health experts based on his own experiences. In the first film she is accompanied by Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, Kendall talks about her anxiety states. She recalls that she experienced them already in childhood, although she can recognize them only from today’s perspective.

However, the 25-year-old influencer admits that she did not get over it with age. On the contrary, with greater recognition, overwork, and daily pressure, the anxiety states deepened.

I have moments when I feel like I have to be rushed to the hospital because my heart seems to be failing, I can’t catch my breath. Sometimes I feel like I’m dying, ”said Kendall Jenner.

Of course, this may seem exaggerated, but only to someone who has never experienced it the hard way. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, are really terrible moments when we are out of control and feel that we are in danger of suffocation or that we are undergoing a heart attack.

Unfortunately, more and more people are affected by this type of condition. In the United States alone, this problem affects more than 40 million adults and is the most common mental health problem, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemicas we learn from the video. It is worth adding that this is a problem not only of adults, but also of really young people. Kendall also referred to the lockdown in its context, which has made her social anxiety worse and is now having a hard time being in places where there are people.

Another issue raised by the star was questioning mental health problems. We tell someone that they shouldn’t have such problems, that they invent things because they have, for example, money, a job, a family, they are young, theoretically healthy. However, appearances are often deceptive. Mental problems can affect anyone, and ignoring them by the environment usually only worsens the well-being of the sick person. Kendall just talked about how people question her mental health problems because they don’t understand how someone who seemingly has it can have it, and therefore shouldn’t have to worry about it. wondering why someone who seemingly has it all has nothing to worry about.

I’m still human at the end of the day. No matter what someone has or does not have, it does not mean that they do not have real feelings and emotions – the star recalled in an interview.

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