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USA Kendall Jenner was invited to the Burberry for a project that has everything to do with the current time, with a hint of the future. The campaign, which brings you the collection of Summer TB Monogram, a mixture of clicks made on their own model with virtual reality.

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In action, the model he used in casting the famous monogrammed Burberry created in 2018 designer Peter Saville, who also repaginou logo designer. Recommended for parts with mix orange and blue, in addition to earthy tones.

The pictures, taken at home, Kendall appears with different visual objects: body high collar shirt oversized, hooded sweater and bikini in sporty style. Accessories could not miss. With the white background made guys and lips.

Kendall Jenner explained that the creative Director at Burberry wanted to she puts self in work. “He [Riccardo Tsici] he asked me to interpret campaign personally that it was an interesting task. I loved to add my call,” said top model as the portal WWD.

The stylist was also thrilled with the experience. “What really excited me that is very balanced. One of the things that we do in fashion is to fly with models and clothes around the world. However, in this campaign of Burberry, we do not gather in the Studio and 150 team members and all the things that accompany,” said Riccardo Tisci on the website Show Studio.

Model Kendall Jenner in a campaign fashion
Kendall Jenner made autorretratos home

Model Kendall Jenner in a campaign fashion
In the model he used items from the collection TB Summer Monogram

Model Kendall Jenner in a campaign fashion
Parts were allocated by the Fund Brando

Model Kendall Jenner in a campaign fashion
In America, there is also looks destroyed

Model Kendall Jenner in a campaign fashion
“The collection and campaign is all mine vibe. The relaxed spirit of summer really suits me as a girl from California,” said Kendall Jenner

Before the end of the first campaign, 100% digital label Columbia also includes the film quite technology. The novelty was developed over a number of professionals. Among them-the photographer Nick knight and art Director Peter Saville, filmmaker Britt Lloyd, a specialist in the field of computer graphics Tons Wandrag and stylist Katy England.

In the content, Kendall Jenner is four different characters. “A journey from reality to imagination, the campaign combines classes in real life with the thoughtfulness inspired by digital geometric skate parks and swimming pools,” explained Burberry on Instagram.

The process was made from a series of photographs that top model did everything myself in 360 degrees. The team has worked on video calls, transmitting instructions to the angles, movement and lighting. After the material has been prepared for viewing in 3D.

Collection Summer TB Monogram is already available in some stores and e-commerce global Burberry. Also will be sold through the partnership with Farfetch, which should be released in the coming days.

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