Kendall Jenner stepped behind the bar. The customer gave her a huge tip!

Kendall Jenner
Author: Vogue / Ferrari Press / East News

Kendall Jenner does everything to make the world hear about Tequila 818. The model, who owns the brand, not only has a team of people who work for its success, but also does what she can to promote the product in the best possible way. Kendall Jenner is behind the bar!

Kendall Jenner shows that she is not only a born model, but also has a flair for business, which she seems to have inherited from her mother Kris Jenner. Kendall has decided to enter the alcohol market and has been promoting the 818 tequila brand, which she owns for some time.

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Kendall not only founded the brand, but also takes an active part in promoting the product. Recently, Jennerka herself sat behind the bar of one of the 75 Main restaurants in New York. According to media reports, it caused not only great stir, but also admiration. Apparently she was making drinks herself!

Kendall Jenner got a huge tip

If Kendall Jenner ever gets bored with a modeling career or wants to make a difference, she may boldly think about opening her own premises. Crowds were gathering up at Kendall, and according to Page Six, one customer left her a huge tip!

She was having lunch with the owner of the place and then she went behind the bar and started making drinks to the customers… Nobody refused a drink, and one client even tried to tip her $ 100.

The source said.

It is not known, however, whether Jennerka took a tip or left. Anyway, 100 dollars is almost 400 zlotys. Sources suspected that the client might not have known that he was dealing with a well-known model, anyway was not the stingy one …

Would you like a drink made by Kendall Jenner herself?


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