Khloe Kardashian presents a slim figure! He doesn’t look like himself anymore …

After the birth of her daughter in 2018, Khloe enlisted the help of a dietitian and personal trainer and lost a dozen kilograms. Now she proudly shows off her slimmer figure.

Not only the figure of Kardashianki has changed. Looking at old photos, it’s hard to find a resemblance to Khloe’s face today. There was definitely something to be corrected here.

The previously round face has become more elongated, her nose has been operated on, and the whole thing gives the impression that she is a completely new person.

Experts also say unanimously that Khloe has improved her beauty with the help of specialists. In their opinion, she removed some fatty tissue from her face, corrected her nose, enlarged her lips and made veneers.

It must be admitted, however, that Kardashianka looks phenomenal. How do you like it?

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