Kia unveils the details of the new Niro. It will debut on November 25

Koreans recently shared several photos of the second generation Kia Niro. Although they are shaded, you can already read a lot of them. You can see, among others, LED headlight strip with an unusual line, which evidently refers to the Habaniro prototype shown in 2019. The vertical rear lights also refer to the concept.

Of course, it should not be counted that, just like in the prototype, we will find here a cosmic door, lifted diagonally upwards. However, they draw attention to it relatively still massive fenders, a wide front strip and large-sized rims filling the wheel arch.

Partially exposed photos of the center show that the interior is reminiscent of the EV6 electric cockpit. In addition to the large panel connecting the two screens, there will also be something for traditionalists – shapes appear from the shadow suggesting that air conditioning will still be controlled using physical buttons.

While nothing has been said about the drive, it is expected that the new Kia Niro will be available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric version. We will find out more details on November 25when the premiere of the model was planned.

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