Kid Rock names Oprah Winfrey on stage

Kid Rock was taken off the stage after he insulted the American presenter Oprah Winfrey for minutes, as can be seen in a video on TMZ.

The incident occurred a week ago at Kid Rocks’ own bar in the US city of Nashville, but the events are now being made public. The artist is now only responding to his tirade.

The images show how Kid Rock, most likely in a drunken state, explains on stage that he hates Winfrey. He also says he doesn’t have a message for people who think he is racist. He also says he hates comedian Joy Behar and presenter Kathy Lee Gifford. His tirade consists of a large number of terms and insults.

Kid Rocks scolding took place during the performance of a band. After the singer after his splurge sought interaction with the audience, security guards helped him off the stage.

In a reaction, Kid Rock announced on Friday that he was once approached to be a guest at the Oprah Winfrey Show. According to him, he had to write down five reasons why he loved Winfrey and her program. “I said they could get the mess. End of story.”

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