Kidney problems? Here are the symptoms that don’t lie

There are some signs that can warn us in case of problems with our body. Here are the symptoms of kidney problems

Observing and knowing how to read i signals that our body sends us can be essential to protect our health e to prevent unpleasant inconveniences.

Kidney problems?  Here are the symptoms that don't lie
Kidney problems? Here are the symptoms that don’t lie

Often, in fact, ours body it is able to “warn us” in case of more or less serious problems, allowing us to intervene in time or in any case to make us aware of the fact that there may be something wrong. Therefore, it is important to know how to read those signals that can warn us in case of problems with our body. here are the symptoms of kidney problems.

Here are the symptoms that can indicate kidney problems

Before continuing with the list of symptoms that can warn us of possible kidney problems, it is necessary to specify that these are not medical indications and that, in no way, do they replace an opinion from the own doctor.

The kidneys are particularly important organs for our body. Their function is that of filter daily about 120/150 liters of blood, in order to allow our body to function properly.

So, after the necessary premises made, we can indicate who they are the most indicative symptoms of any kidney problems. Here are a few.

Skin rashes and excessive itching

When we feel suspicious and continue skin rashes and constant itch we can activate our alarm bell. In fact, it could be a sign of malfunctioning of the kidneys, as they are no longer able to eliminate blood waste;


(Symptoms of Kidney Failure / Pexels)

The optimal functioning of the kidneys allows the production of the hormone EPO, useful for the production of red blood cells. With damage to the kidneys this function is lost, and therefore there is a lower production of red blood cells and a consequent one tiredness;

Alteration of taste

The alteration of taste is strongly dependent on the accumulation of waste in the blood. In these cases, a constant may be encountered loss of appetite and a radical change in food preferences;

Vertigo and difficulty concentrating

Kidney malfunction could result anemia. In these cases, in fact, one of the most probable consequences is that of experiencing difficulty concentrating and dizziness;


A final symptom that can warn us about any kidney problems is swelling. When these organs they do not work properlyin fact, swelling of the legs, hands, ankles, feet and face may occur.

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