Killed the officer managing the drone supplies to Russia? Iran and the infowar

Who killed a Pasdaran colonel in Zahedan? The Baluchi guerrillas in retaliation against the repression of the protests, or was he involved in the supply of drones to Russia and was it an intelligence operation? The infowar on the conflict in Ukraine also touches Iranian drones

For some hours on the Telegram channels following the Ukrainian conflict – Kiev side – news circulated as interesting as it was unverifiable: one of the Pasdaran officers responsible for the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia would have been killed in an undefined location in Iran in these days (the date is not even defined). In all likelihood this information is false, and serves to keep the attention on Iranian military aid to the Russians high, adding pepper. In fact, the modality of the assassination evokes the operations with which the Mossad (and the CIA) hit the chain of control of the alleged Iranian military nuclear program and other leaders of the theocratic forces. That is, it would mean that Israel has decided to get involved in the conflict, marrying the Ukrainian side (while maintaining a sufficient veil of ambiguity). The Ukrainian government has repeatedly asked Jerusalem for support in recent weeks, but has not yet received more than (albeit relevant) intelligence information.

According to the news agency Tasnimconnected to the Corps of the Gaurdians of the Revolution (the Pasdaran), the colonel of the Guardians Mehdi Molashahi and the militiaman Basij Javad Kikha allegedly killed by strangers in Naster Square, Zahedan, in recent days. And the photo used by the Telegram channels to tell the elimination of the person responsible for the drone transfer and the one with which Tasmin tells the killing of the two soldiers is the same. According to the agency, the two were returning home after finishing their working hours, when a car opened fire and killed them. The perpetrators of the murder escaped.

The announcements of Tasmin they are often tainted by propaganda and narrative, and therefore one could assume that the Pasdaran ordered the dissemination of information to tell their version of events before the others could get there. Zahedan is one of the towns most involved in the protests that have been inflaming Iran for about a month, also because it is located in Baluchistan – a region where independence, Sunni souls exist in armed struggle with the Islamic Republic. It would not be surprising if the killing of the two men was carried out by a commando of the Baluchi guerrillas as a settling of scores. In recent days, the Guardians and the Basij have been the protagonists of very violent repression against the demonstrators also in Zahedan. Local sources in the city have confirmed ad Al-Monitor that the Guardians also deployed drones to hit some of the protesters in the most exposed neighborhoods, while helicopters and snipers fired at random into the crowd. The dead among those who protested would be several dozen on this day of clashes.

The use of drones in Zahedan could be the element that created confusion, believing in good faith (with malice you can think of anything else, and it is not certain that you are wrong to think badly). Staying to the facts, what remains is that the issue of Iranian drones (in Ukraine) has become quite dominant even in theinformation warfare around the Russian invasion. “If we are shown that Iranian drones are being used in the war in Ukraine against people, we should not be indifferent,” the Iranian foreign minister said on Monday. Hossein Amirabdollahian, following the accusations against Tehran on supplies. Britain, France and Germany called on Friday for a UN investigation into allegations that Russia had used Iranian drones to attack Ukraine, in violation of a UN Security Council resolution. However, Moscow does not want the UN investigation, but rather wants the UN to discuss the possibility of Ukraine using a “dirty bomb”, a conventional device with nuclear waste.

In all likelihood, Amirabdollahian tells partial, altered information, whether it is good or bad. Iran defends itself using an ambiguity: of some of those drones, such as the infamous Shahed-136 kamikaze systems, there is a version with Russian components (with Cyrillic abbreviations), and this would allow Tehran to have a margin of protection by denying the supply (even if in reality the bulk of the systems would have been sent from Iran to Russia). However, there are also several other pieces of information that Western intelligence is gathering – all rejected by the Iranians through the use of an exoneration campaign led by the various embassies, including the Italian one, which talks about the peaceful principles of the Islamic Republic and its commitment. for the deconflicting between Russia and Ukraine.

Yet, various information provided by Belarusian partisan groups (which have proved reliable in the past) reports of a group of Iranian instructors, believed to be Guardians officers, together with the Russian National Guard and FSB operatives, in the village of Mykulichi, in Oblast. ‘of Gomel. This coincides with some known information, provided by the Ukrainian army, that the Russians have taken full control of the air bases in the Belarusian settlements of Baranovichi and Lida and are using them to launch attacks on Ukrainian territory.

Not only that: the head of Strategic Communications of the National Security Council, John Kirbystated that the United States has evidence of the presence of Iranian instructors in Crimea, the southern Ukrainian peninsula occupied and annexed by Russia in 2014. According to the White House, these Iranians control Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and civilians. and the New York Times corrobarated these statements with information gathered also in the field.

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