Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson stoke rumors of romance! Caught in the Bahamas!

Kim Kardashian has little to do with privacy. The celebrity has been the main star of a reality show for many years “With a Camera at the Kardashians”, in which viewers can watch the lives of her and other famous sisters.

However, it cannot be denied that she has been particularly sparing in commenting on her love life for some time. Since she broke up with her children’s father, Kanye West, she hasn’t answered questions at all about who her new target is.

In the last interview, she almost revealed her feelings, but at the last moment she decided to turn the whole statement into a joke. Bari Weiss asked the American star who her favorite program member was “Saturday Night Live“.

Kim just laughed in response and said that “the question suggests an answer.” After a while, she even added that “you know who it is”. It was without a doubt a reference to the 28-year-old comedian Pete Davidsonshe was just about to come up with on the October SNL plan.

Kardashian played the role of Princess Jasmine, and Pete played Aladdin. The media claim that it was then that they were supposed to catch your eye.

The couple has recently been fueling rumors about an affair because that’s what they were photographed in the Bahamas! The couple went on a private jet to heavenly beaches. I must admit that Kim was not lost in the crowd, and her stylization attracted the eye.

The star wore a black top with a huge neckline and trousers of the same color. Pete was dressed slightly looser. The comedian was wearing flip flops and colorful socks, a beige tracksuit and a bright sports jacket.

They match themselves?

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