Kim Kardashian and Van Jones were having an affair? The columnist finally broke the silence!

Kim Kardashian
Author: E! Entertainment / Ferrari Press / East News

A few months ago, foreign tabloids wrote about the romance between Kim Kardashian and Van Jones. According to sources, it was a well-known journalist who was to take the place of Kanye West and get into a hot affair with a celebrity. They both avoided answering the questions, which only fueled the rumors. Now Jones has finally decided to break the silence. What he said?

A few months ago, the foreign media wrote about the upcoming divorce at the same time Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as well as a celebrity’s romance with a well-known journalist and lawyer Van Jones.

According to foreign tabloids, the two were connected by a passionate romance. Interestingly, neither Kim nor Van commented on the rumors, which for some websites was nothing more than a confirmation of their developing relationship.

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Van Jones finally broke the silence

But did the celebrity and the journalist actually have an affair with each other? This question was finally answered by Van Jones. By the way, he also revealed why he delayed the disclosure of the truth for so long.

I never commented on the rumors about me and Kim Kardashian as I found it absurd. It was flattering to me, but probably not to her.

– said Van Jones in an interview with Page Six.

Van Jones is not only a publicist and lawyer, but also a former collaborator Barack Obama. Most people can associate him with the CNN antenna, where he acts as a commentator.


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