Kim Kardashian can’t cope with problems after parting?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were a controversial couple. Their relationship was widely reported in the media and no good future was forecast for them.

A surprise was the couple’s 7-year marriage and the fact that they had four children.

For some time, however, something went wrong between the spouses, and in January 2021, the media reported that Kim Kardashian had filed her divorce papers.

It was a big blow for the star, but in public he is still trying to smile and show how much he is currently enjoying life.

It should be a reason to be happy, but it was precisely this behavior that made Kim worry her fans.

“He loves Kanye and worries about him all the time, but realizes she is not his mother and cannot make him do things to take care of himself,” says the whistleblower.

Various situations forced Kim to file divorce papers, although she herself did not want to. Therefore, she still suffers after the breakup, but knows that it was the right decision. However, he does not want to show his suffering in public.

She wants to be really happy again, but there will be time for that. She is now trying to reorganize her life without Kanye, who now lives in Wyoming, while she and the children remain in Los Angeles.


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