Kim Kardashian confessed that comparisons to Princess Kate “killed her self-esteem.” “I hated the way I looked”

Kim Kardashian was recently a guest on a podcast hosted by, among others, by actress Kristen Bell. During the conversation, the celebrity confessed that during her first pregnancy she was constantly compared to Princess Kate. She recalls that negative comments “killed her self-esteem.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in 2014. The couple had four children: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. Kim’s first two pregnancies were at risk, so the other two were born through a surrogate. Although Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021, the couple continue to raise their children together.

Kim Kardashian confessed that the first pregnancy was a trauma

Recently, the celebrity was a guest on the popular podcast led by actresses Kristen Bell and Monica Padman – “We Are Supported By”. During an over an hour long meeting, Kim raised the topic of her first pregnancy. The star honestly admitted that it was not a very happy time for her. She confessed that she was constantly criticized for her weight, on the Internet they compared her to whales, and even … Princess Kate, who was also pregnant at that time.

These comparisons killed my self-esteem. It was really nasty, Kim confessed.

The celebrity mentioned that the media pointed out her every extra kilogram and acutely commented on her unsuccessful stylizations. Kim admitted that at one point she was embarrassed to even go to the gym and instead started exercising at her mom’s house, Kris Jenner.

I wasn’t a lovely pregnant woman. I didn’t like it, I hated how I felt, I hated what I looked like. The media really treated me brutally and accused me of putting on weight. There were covers that compared me to an orc – added the star.

The first two Kardashian pregnancies were difficult due to the star’s disease – pregnancy eclampsia. In this difficult period, the negative comments and comparisons she heard from all sides did not help.

It really changed me. It made me back off because I saw everyone react in a terrible way … – added Kim Kardashian.

Body shaming pregnant

Body shaming, which is ridiculing, embarrassing, humiliating someone because of what they look like, is still a common phenomenon. Statistics from the British mental health organization Mental Health Foundation show that one in five adults in the last year felt ashamed of what they looked like. It might seem that cutting comments are not something dangerous, but they often remain in the memory of the mocked person for a lifetime. Body shaming is violence and the person attacked may experience emotional or mental problems by it.

Body shaming in pregnancy is also quite common. Especially on the internet. It should be remembered that pregnancy is an individual matter and each woman experiences and experiences differently. We do not know what a pregnant person is struggling with, so we should keep comments about the bodies of others to ourselves.

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