Kim Kardashian does not have very good memories of the first pregnancy. Compared to Princess Kate: It was really nasty

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no longer together, but still raise a group of children together. The first two pregnancies of the celebrity were at risk, so the other two children were born thanks to a surrogate. Kardashianka, when she was expecting North, did not even have a moment to rest. At the same time, Princess Kate was pregnant, and foreign media compared them to each other. A celebrity mentions cruel articles.

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Kim Kardashian recalls pregnancy. She told about the hate that was affecting her at that time

Kim Kardashian has four children, two daughters and two sons: North, Saint, Chi-Chi and Psalma. Kim dreamed of a large family and managed to achieve it. However, instead of calmly waiting for the first child, the celebrity faced a wave of criticism. While pregnant, she gained weight and swelled, which was pointed out by the gossip media. The constant comparison to Duchess Kate, who was also expecting a child – heir to the throne, did not make it easier at that time either. The celebrity met with actresses Kristen Bell and Monica Padman and revealed in the podcast “We Are Supported By” that the first pregnancy was a traumatic period for her.

These comparisons killed my self-esteem. It was really nasty, Kim confessed.

Kardashianka felt bad in her body. Her appearance was not spared on the web, and she was even compared to a plowing. She admitted that the pregnancy left its mark on her so much that she was ashamed to go to the gym. Instead, she practiced at home Kris Jenner.

I wasn’t a lovely pregnant woman. I didn’t like it, I hated how I felt, I hated what I looked like. The media really brutalized me and accused me of putting on weight. There were covers that compared me to an orca – added Kardashianka.

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Fortunately, times have changed and such situations do not exist today.

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