Kim Kardashian in bizarre glasses. Perfect for winter!

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian has been recognized as the queen of style for years. In fact, Kardashianka’s stylizations are usually perfected, but this does not mean that Kim sticks to the rules. From time to time, he will smuggle something original into his styling. Just look at these glasses! They are not only bizarre, but also practical … They will be especially useful in winter!

Kim Kardashian it has been on the candlestick for years. Not only does it present itself impeccably on social media and only uploads thoughtful photos, but also live. We have the impression that her every exit is consulted with a stylist.

Kim always looks great. No wonder that some foreign magazines have called her a style icon for years. In addition, she is invited to mega-prestigious events in the world of fashion. But don’t think that Kim shuns scandals and weird clothes.

This year’s Met Gala only confirms that Kim likes to go crazy. She was masked from head to toe at the party.

Daria like Amy Winehouse. A magical performance in ESKA Live

MET Gala 2021: Kim Kardashian all masked again. She really dressed like that …

Kim loves to put on something original and even bizarre from time to time. She recently appeared on Instagram in … faux fur glasses. The Internet users quickly became interested in the original gadget, which will certainly be perfect in winter. xD

Unfortunately, Kim did not pay attention to the photo. Fans pointed out to her that the glasses’ lenses are dirty …

The glasses may be dirty, but at least warm! 😉


Which one is the coolest?

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