Kim Kardashian ridiculed for plush Lamborghini Urus

Kim Kardashian showed her new Lamborghini Urus on her Instagram profile, and placed the words “Little Lamb-bo” under the photos. And when you look at a luxury SUV, you actually get the impression that it is a sheep on wheels, as the entire car is covered with a white, plush material. Interestingly, it looks the same inside. The project was created as an advertisement for the Kardashian “Skims” clothing brand, which produces underwear and modeling underwear.

It cannot be denied that such decoration of the Lamborghini Urus is not very practical. It is enough for the rain to fall and the entire car will weigh much more. In addition, the white color will get dirty immediately, so the car will look at least unsightly. In addition, of course, there is an unpleasant smell of wet and dirty material.

You shouldn’t forget about the interior, which would require completely clean shoes, otherwise the floor would be cleanable after the first ride.

Everything indicates that it will be a car only for warm and sunny days. Traveling on snow-covered roads is absolutely impossible in this case, or even worse, in conditions of melting snow, where there is a lot of mud everywhere.

I must admit that this is an exceptionally original idea and not all followers of the Kardashian profile appreciate her creativity. There have even been comparisons to the “Mutt Cutts” van, one of the main characters in “Dumb and Dumber”. Except that its fur outer layer elements were also huge ears, nose and tongue, making the whole car look like a dog.

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