Kim Kardashian shows who’s boss in her relationship with Pete Davidson

A viral video of Kim Kardashian with the boyfriend Pete Davidson seems to show who’s boss in the relationship in relation to the fashion world. In the clip Kim is in one of the tests she made of Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the MET gala, and Pete accompanies her instead.

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At one point she asks him to take off one of the two caps he was wearing, something that bothered the businesswoman, although she was smiling in the video.

She asks Pete to choose just one, and explains that she will use the footage to show behind the scenes of the gala.

Finally, the comedian accepts his request and hands one of the caps to an assistant and jokes: “Thanks, man, this cap has already caused me a lot of problems”, he said, laughing.

For some, the video was cute: “They are so in love,” commented one fan. “The best boyfriend in the world!”. “He seems very passionate.”

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But for most, the clip proves that Kim Kardashian is the one who dominates the situation, and some even called the businesswoman ‘toxic’ for not letting Pete be who he is.

“As always, she is obsessed with the image. Listen to the way she’s telling him to take off his cap.” “She’s a little bossy. I know he’ll get tired of it when the news wears off.” “He’s crazy about her. I hope she doesn’t break his heart.” “I don’t know if she’s already trying to fix her wardrobe like Kanye did to her, just leave him alone” are some of the comments on the internet.

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Pete Davidson once again showed its commitment to Kim Kardashian and his family and, according to sources, the “Saturday Night Live” comedian got a tattoo in honor of his new stepchildren. At least that’s what it looks like.

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Pete was photographed leaving the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles over the weekend with a new neck tattoo that appears to read “KNSCP”, clearly the initials of Kim and her sons North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

This isn’t his first girlfriend-related tattoo Davidson has gotten. Recently he showed the ‘mark’ he made with the name of KIM, and also the phrase “My girl is a lawyer”, among others.

The businesswoman herself confirmed on the Ellen DeGeneres show last March:

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“Yes, he has some tattoos, some cute… I think my favorite says ‘My girl is a lawyer’, and that’s really cute.”, commented the businesswoman, confirming that it is the first time that someone has done this in her honor.

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