Kim Kardashian spent a fortune on extensions! The hair stylist revealed the price

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves shocking and expensive styles. At this year’s MET Gala, she managed to attract everyone’s attention. Kim came masked from head to toe. But one more detail caught our attention. Celebrity hair extensions cost a fortune!

When it comes to image, Kim Kardashian does not know what saving is. More than a week has passed since MET Gala, and yet it is still loud about the event. Kim Kardashian attracted the most attention and she is still on the lips of many people. All because of her masked clothes.

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We have already learned more details about its styling, now it’s time to take a closer look at one of the accessories. Kim also wore very long hair extensions. And they attracted the attention of Internet users who wanted to know more details.

On his Instagram profile, one of the internet users asked a famous hair stylist Chris Appletonwho was responsible for the preparation of the celebrity for the gala for the price of the extension. The one without beating around the bush revealed that the cost was it 10,000 dollars, converted into PLN, it is over 39,000 for the hair alone, and you also have to add stylist’s work, which is not cheap.

Did you expect this expansion to cost so much?

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