Kim Kardashian will have another child? The celebrity comments

Kim Kardashian
Author: Rex Features / East News

Who will have the next child? This topic appeared during her participation in the show with Ellen DeGeneres. A celebrity commented on the whole matter. What did she say? Read on at

Kim Kardashian she has been going through turmoil in her private life lately. The situation between her and Kanye West is reportedly still uncertain. Kim, who has always dreamed of a large family, is a mother of four children. But is there any plan to enlarge the family?

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She answered this question while talking to Ellen DeGeneres in her original program.

Yes, yes, I think so. Yes, I’m done. I have a lot of children, that’s enough.

Kim said, answering the question if she thought about another child.

In addition to expressing a clear position on the children, Kim also spoke about Kylie Jenner, who, along with Travis Scott, is expecting a second child.

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