Korean fan in Amsterdam without a ticket: blessed with luck, see what happens to him!

Ajax Napoli, Korean fan in AmsterdamAjax Napoli, Korean fan in Amsterdam

The Korean Napoli fan in Amsterdam without a ticket: but look what happens to him! An incredible story, here’s the video

If you follow CalcioNapoli24, then you probably already know “Good Seba“, stage name of a very famous korean youtubber that since Kim Min-Jae moved to blue, he has become a great fan of Napoliprecisely to follow the away team far and wide and even doing hundreds of kilometers to watch the games at the stadium.

Korean fan in Amsterdam for Ajax-Napoli: incredible story

Last night we met our friend Buona Seba in Amsterdam: he too, like many Neapolitan fans, has decided to fly to the Dutch capital to attend Ajax-Naples. Too bad, however, that he did not have a ticket. And this is where the incredible happened: as he himself tells us, and as the video below testifies, at one point the Korean fan met a man who was selling tickets.

Good Seba bought a ticket for the modest sum of 100 euros, despite the fear that it was a fake. But no: not only was it an original ticket, but it was also a ticket for the guest sector of the Amsterdam Arena, which had already been sold-out for several days. Our Korean friend thus lived an incredible experience, assisting Napoli in the victory in the midst of the ultras and the Neapolitan away fans.

Watch the attached video or click here and watch it on our channel YouTube.

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