Kościński: The anti-inflationary shield will be focused mainly on helping the least paid

2021-11-24 11:00

2021-11-24 11:00

Kościński: The anti-inflationary shield will be focused mainly on helping the least paid
Kościński: The anti-inflationary shield will be focused mainly on helping the least paid
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The anti-inflationary shield will be aimed mainly at helping the lowest earners – said Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński during the Congress of Modern Distribution.

“We are still working on the anti-inflation shield, but it is mainly aimed at helping the poorest, those who earn the least. The main factor of inflation for the poorest is energy (…) we want to cushion this factor a bit,” said the minister.

According to the announcements of government representatives, the so-called the anti-inflationary shield – which is to prevent the negative effects of high inflation – will be presented in the coming days.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informed on Monday that the shield will include, among others such elements as reduction of excise duty on energy carriers.

The Minister assured about the dialogue with business conducted by the Ministry of Finance. “We are in the process of rebuilding the ministry. We are becoming more and more customer-centric. I do not use the word taxpayer on purpose, the state is our client,” said Kościński.

He noted that by fighting the shadow economy, the ministry wants to help companies run fair business. “The VAT gap is still around 10 per cent. This hits the states that act honestly. The dishonest have higher margins, can lower the price and drive the honest ones out of the market” – noted Kościński. He also emphasized that the ministry promotes non-cash transactions, which helps to reduce the shadow economy.

The Minister of Finance mentioned the key solutions of the Polish Deal, including increasing expenditure on health care by introducing changes in the health insurance premium for entrepreneurs, as well as increasing the tax-free amount to PLN 30,000 PLN, which, in his opinion, will contribute to a greater number of employees on the labor market. As he argued, some people, thanks to the higher tax-free amount, will leave the shadow economy, and some will decide to enter the labor market. He indicated that the goal of the Polish Deal is also the development of investment and innovation. In this context, he mentioned the relief for research and development, support for innovative employees, for a prototype, automation and robotization, and for entering the IPO.

“As the minister of finance, I look at two indicators. The first, the most important one, is unemployment. During the pandemic, unemployment practically did not increase. Now we have record-low unemployment. The second indicator is how we are assessed by rating agencies, because it is an indicator for investors. their ratings for Poland “- emphasized Kościński.

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