Kostic, there is an understanding: Juve’s strategy

TURIN – From Villar Perosa Massimiliano Allegri has clearly explained the situation: Juventus has bought and will continue to do so to complete the squad in this month of August. There is time, of course, but before the start of the championship Juventus would like to give the Livorno coach that reinforcement in the left lane able to plug a technical gap and give added value: after the market summit between Conte Max and Juventus management after returning from the American tour, the designated name is that of Filip Kostic. The bianconeri must overcome the competition of West Ham, which has been working for some time with Eintracht Frankfurt – tonight engaged in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich – for the Serbian side, one of the great protagonists in the ride of the German club until the conquest of the last Europe League. West Ham is further ahead in the negotiations with Eintracht, starting from an offer base of 15 million plus bonuses for the card, but the inclusion – indeed it would be better to define it reintegration – of Juventus has changed the cards on the table, considering that the player is tempted by the experience in Italy and by the possibility of wearing the black and white jersey in the Champions League. And through the work of the agent Alessandro Lucci there is a further step forward: the player has in fact already found a basic agreement with Juventus on a contractual level, for a three-year period at 3.5 million net per season including bonuses. Kostic therefore, while not closing the door to West Ham, pushes for Juve, a bit like when he plows the left wing with the Eintracht shirt and that of Serbia: a cross factory that could make the fortune of his compatriot Vlahovic , like Di Maria from the opposite lane.

The last step

Now Juventus must convince the German club, thanks to the player’s approval: they are working on a proposal exceeding 10 million, filing the bonuses: the Juventus will is to try to close between the end of this week and the beginning of the next one, so much so that today a meeting between Juventus and Kostic’s entourage is scheduled to get to the heart. In short, when Juventus will fly to Tel Aviv to face Atletico Madrid: a prestigious international challenge before the official start of the season, but also and above all an opportunity to insist on the return to Turin of Alvaro Morata, which remains Allegri’s priority in attack. The eventual arrival of Kostic would give oxygen to the rotations, however it would not completely exclude a last minute deal ahead, considering the versatility of Morata and his knowledge of the group and the Juventus reality (for the Spaniard it would be the third time under the Mole) . The crux is always the same: Juventus is aiming for a loan with the right of redemption, while Atletico are only thinking about a definitive sale and have so far rejected every assault. This is why the quotations of Luis Muriel of Atalanta are given uphill: the Colombian is valued at least 12 million. The player is very fond of technical characteristics, because he sees the goal and is very effective even when he attacks space. And then he is able to change the fate of a game even starting from the bench, moreover with Atalanta in recent seasons he has accumulated international experience in the Champions League. Muriel is the number one suspect in case the hopes of getting to Morata should go down completely. It is more complicated to enter the Giacomo Raspadori race: Napoli are further ahead and are in full negotiations with Sassuolo, the bianconeri would need more time to work on a proposal. The profile obviously likes: young, Italian, versatile, a Juventus investment in short. But right now the priority remains the outside.

Juventus fans agree: "Some purchases are still missing"

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Juventus fans agree: “There are still some signings missing”

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