Kremlin: The West is conducting an information campaign against Russia

Spokesman Kremlinand Dmitry Peskov stated on Monday that the West is running an information campaign aimed at presenting Russia as a threat to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, and the media are giving “shots” as part of this campaign.

“A deliberate information campaign is underway. We note that Bloomberg’s agency is used as a tool for throws, and some American newspapers also participate in it,” said Pieskow.

He said the campaign’s aim could be to distract attention from the “aggressive ideas” he believed Ukrainian authorities had in relation to separatist-controlled areas of Donbas.


Peskov accused the armed forces of Ukraine of “provocations” which “are carried out with the use of weapons supplied by NATO countries”. He then added: “All this is being done in violation of the Minsk agreements.”

Referring to reports on the activity of Russian troops, the spokesman Kremlinand said its armed forces are conducting exercises, both planned and unplanned. “Any movement of the troops of the Russian Federation on our territory does not pose a threat to anyone and should not worry anyone” – assured Peskov.

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